Perky Middle Age Breasts

My girlfriend and I were one of three couples and a single lady of 64. We were all friends and neighbors, and we all met at a local night club. The club wasn't to large, but had a nice dance floor albeit small. There was a two piece band, 2 guitars, playing soft jazz. We were drinking, dancing and talking throught the evening. The ladies were a little giggley and the men not drunk, but in a good mood. The conversation somewhere turned to women and their breasts, shapes sizes, cleavages ect, when the 64 yearold lady whom I'll call Eva, spoke up and said that her breasts were as good as any younger woman, and wasn't afraid to show them. Then challenged the younger girls to a show off. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and pushed up her bra to expose her amazing perky and nicely shaped breasts. The other women did not follow suit, damn, but they were a little amazed too I think.

Are there any middle age ladies here with perky little breasts?

bigwoods bigwoods
41-45, M
4 Responses Jun 8, 2010

wow. cool. You should of kissed and sucked them bro! I would have! BIG ******* RULE!

hey, this old man loves old women's breasts.....

I sure hope so when I get 64!