Kegel Milking On Men....yeahh Baby!

I love to share AWESOME sex tips now and then just to spice up my buddies bedrooms and this is a great one that I don't think I've mentioned yet!!
Plus hubs wanted me to write something naughty cause I haven't in a while!!  I can't get out of practice with that!!  Mastah K would NOT be a happy camper if I did that!!

I call this,  'Kegel Milking on Men!"  Ya don't need a cow or any sort of lactating boob for this sort of 'Milking" Ya don't even need to move too much and that is what makes it PERFECT  for "Lazy Sex!"  That is when you're both a little tired but still want to have some fun and a Big O!! 

It's also a nice treat in place of hubs usual morning, "Wake Up BJ"  We don't use alarm clocks at my house....Me and my lil subby mouth do wayy better!
But this morning I decided to do things a little different.  That is one of the secrets to a good and fun sex life.....Variety!! 

You Subby-girls need to think about this too. Your Dom might be all about being in charge but don't think he wouldn't appreciate you thinking up some creative ways to curl his toes up all on your own too!!

You girls all use your kegel muscles all the time.  Every time you have to pee and hold it in the kegels are working.  Ladies who've had babies really gave those  muscles a work out cause they had to S...T..R..E..T..C..H  to push that baby out!!  These are amazing muscles and  if worked properly can  be made wayyyyy strong....

Now hubs is built like a flippin moose so it's easier for me to squeeze him till he says "ouchie" Well..he never says that.. He does say, "Go easy on me Squeezy" sometimes tho!  Mostly he loves to be squeezed, the tighter the better....He's a real rough guy don'tch know!!

Just squeezing is fun but it can be totally turned into a pulsing wonderland with some practice!  Here's how....Climb on him when he flat on his back...Reverse cowgirl is good too..... Get him inside all nice and snug.. Start with a light squeeze....then amp it to a medium one then  go TIGHT, a little tighter....then BAM... full force..hold this one... and  go to a total release and then begin again.  Keep at it until you build up a total rhythm with it......You don't have to move anything else..stay right there and do this and pretty soon the man will be juicing your insides like crazy!!

Now....this is AWESOME for a wake up call.... but it can also easily become...."SNEAKY SEX" for when you want to take your show on the road....  This "kegel pulsing" works super well in a club...You're sittin on his lap bopping to the music squeezing him with this pulse action and he's sitiin  there trying to breath and not moan too load...AWESOME!!   *remember to take something or wear something to cover what's going on!!* 

Some women pack lip gloss and blush in their purse. I pack Wet Ones towelettes, plastic baggies and tissues for quick clean-ups.....I am a very prepared lil subby!!

This can also work on park benches..just be sure to have a long coat or shirt to cover up what's going on....It works on the beach too...covered with a BIG towel and again have the radio playing and "bop" to the tunes for even more sensation!!  Nobody suspects a thing. Ya look like a nice couple having fun is all.....  We're BOTH good at sneaky *******. 

If you are a total orgasmic screamer....avoid this whole pubic sex process! 
It'll land you both in jail!!

Now for MORE fun at home.....Put an egg vibrator behind his nuts to intensify the sensations.....I also sometimes put a real hard vibrator on MEE and  that sits wayyy good and near Mr Biggy and is an awesome sensation for him too....There are soo many ways this can be switched around and tweaked for folks individual tastes....Give it a try and let us know how it works!!  Or just message me how it was!!  I love to hear about the results!!   

A person just asked about getting those muscles tight.  You can do exercises to tighten them up if having babies have stretched you.  Every  couple of hours tighten and hold for a count of 10, release and repeat about 10-20 times...  I do this all the time without even thinking about it...It becomes a habit after awhile. Also...a person in comments said they heard a man who is uncut is a lot more sensitive and I do believe this.... but I have shared this tip with a couple girls in here privately before today and both of them have cut guys and it did still work!!  It might take some practice but  it is worth it!!

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Holy shoot....I have written a LOT about sex!!    I think this is what earned me that lil red dot!!
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I am casting a vote--
here and now--
in favor of returning to compositions--
such as this. ;-)

I will totally put that on the top of my ep to-do list!! :D

I will hold you to this. ;-)

Thanks for sharing, I think it will help a lot to make life more interesting for many couples and even singles....

Aww thanks Taurusedi..I'm so sorry I never replied to you. I never saw a notification for this.... This site is getting crazier and crazier with helping us keep track of what folks say to us and what they write....

Another excellent offering Sie! What haven't the two of you tried? You're so generous in sharing these ideas too. Very nice!

Aww thanks ....We try anything that strikes us. It is the only way to keep things fresh and exciting but we are also happy just being lazy bums and hanging out being together..... I LOVE sharing and swapping ideas with folks!! It's one of my favorite parts of ep!! :)

You compliment each other perfectly. You with your happy go lucky charms and he with his serene yet quantum strengths. So admirable. So very lucky to have found one another and even wiser to hold onto and maintain it so well.

AKH files this away for future use...really close future use..

It TOTALLY works like a charm too!! ;D


Thanks for stopping by and laughing!! It's good for you! :D

Yes it is and thanks for sharing your story and pics

Aww thank you....

I think it was the park bench tip that really cracked me up sierra ... :D

Ya gotta always be ready for when that urge strikes and you're at the park!! :D

hehehe ... :P

i'm sure the squeezy thing is mentioned in the karma sutra, or something. Apparently Indian concubines could make their masters *** without even moving...... and yep its also good for post baby star jumps..... squeeze squeeze SQUEEZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! that pelvic floor

It's totally in the karma sutra but I didn't find it there till a couple years after I made hubs almost say "owww" a couple times!! Using the pulse squeeze and light bopping to music hubs can totally max out on sensation..... It ROCKS!! This is why it rocks when you want an ****** in public and can't be caught gettin all humpy and wild......This move can be totally cool and smooth..... ;)

this probably shouldnt be said in a public forum, but when i was a kid i used to nearly wee myself laughing - this exercise saved the day.... seriously. Not weeing yourself laughing is much more important than sex! You have sex in PUBLIC?!??!?!?!? red dot sierra - shes naughty :0

I totally think it's valuable to not wee yourself in public...or anywhere else! KEGAL CRUNCHES SAVE THE DAY!! We're bad..we do have real sneaky sex in public.....I've written stories about it too. We're careful to avoid kids and folks who would be shocked or offended.....and we're careful to keep the good stuff covered....It's FUN!! Naughty to the MAX!!

This is a good post Sierra. You so well described it. The kegel practice is just another door for giving more variations in lovemaking where the girls gives more different kind of sensation, from their side to their partner.
I practically don't know about this Kegel stuff. Not till I reached early 30's that I accidentally found out about this practice to benifit both. And my partner complimented me on that! **wink** And from his view point, it gives an even tighter sensation with the right sways of the hips. Best position might be the cowgirl or from behind. But you're also right. It is also best when both are too tired to do too much movings. The muscle constrictions becomes natural with every practice. And the kind of grip gets even more sweet, I guess **giggles**, as sessions gets frequent with kegel-ling (practice).=P
I wish I could rate this more than once. ***kisses***

Aww thanks!! I think it ROCKS that you accidentally found this around 30!! Now that was a "HAPPY accident" I LOVE them when they happen!!

Thank you.
A most delightful composition for my morning reading pleasure.
It is always a treat to engage in this particular activity--
and for those wondering--
I do indeed wear a frequent smile--
due to my lovely wife's efforts and many talented skills.
She is my greatest joy.
How very thoughtful of you to post these additional links.
Very convenient for myself and others indeed. ;-)

Aww thanks rough guy....I'm glad you liked it!! :) ♥ ♥ ♥

Love it! Love it! Love it! I have been doing kegels forever. It really does make for great fun! Practice does make perfect! Great story Sie!

Yayyyyy YOU!! Thanks.....practice does make a big difference!! ;)

Can't wait to try it ;-) thanks for sharing!

Great!! Thanks for reading!! :)

i have never try this. i will begin to do exercise and see if master says is good. you have many plan for what to do in sex. i have learn much from this. do you read books to lern this sierra?

AWESOME nik!! I hope he likes it!! I have read some stuff but mostly we just experiment and sit around and think up things we'd like to try and then we try it and adjust and tweak things as we go...Tweak is just another word for making little changes... :)

I think Japanese girls are taught this, based on what I experienced back in my 'yooth' :)

My hubs is half Japanese and Half native American Cherokee. I've never heard of the modern Japanese women being taught this.....his family on the Japanese side sure weren't!! I picked this up all on my own!! Self taught can sometimes ROCK!!

and, well, how do we know what the girls on his side of the family were taught in this regard? hmmmmmmmmmmmm? :)

Conversations are pretty much still the accepted standard in getting info like this!! :D
We've been to Japan a number of times and he has a few cousins that are very open in sharing how they were raised and what their beliefs and teachings have been and believe it or not they're pretty open about sexuality.....Japanese women have totally modernized.

Lollloollll o yea, ok. Though the idea you all are sitting at the dinner table, then someone says, "how bout those kegel moves, hey wot?" is hilarious

DeerSongs....I guess we're even now cause I thought it was pretty funny that you thought Japanese folks lined all their girls up and had kegal squeezing lessons to teach them how...... :D
Seriously tho.....Making a BIG statement like "Japanese girls are taught this" could and would get you a big ole verbal "***** slap" from most Japanese folks or women.... It's sort of like saying that all southern blacks in the USA like their's racist thinking even if you didn't mean it that way. Japanese folks don't train their girls in any specific "pleasure principles" The old geisha girl notions held by folks here in the west are not appreciated when they are spread over a whole new modern culture of professional women who have the same educational and professional goals and training as the men.....
and believe it or not.....most...WOMEN, in general, no mater their ethnicity... don't talk to each other about their more intimate and detailed sexual thoughts at an open dinner table. The idea you, "imagined" that was pretty comical too.... :D

Very nicely stated--my love.

point taken, yes, of course, generalizing from one girlfriend to all Japanese women was rather glib and meant to be humorous rather than racist. It was a remarkable experience though, sex with that girl. It was so different, I distinctly remember at the time thinking "something is going on here that is NOT something all the other girls know about."

That is to say, "Point taken" ... I don't know what an "oint" is.

Awww, all's cool now. I didn't think you really meant it too be as bad as it came across and thanks for clearing it up! :) For sure that one girl or lots of them could have the "goods" on how to do some amazing stuff....Some of us girls are totally dedicated to discovering little goodies that make our men say WOWWWW! It ROCKS too! ;)

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I just posted some links to a few other nifty ideas and tricks.... There are more too but I was SHOCKED how much sex I have posted in here....I AM a perv!! i LOVE it tho!! ♥

LOL..can't wait for the next batch of tips!

I LOVE doing this stuff... I have a few other threads that are filled with them cause I encouraged folks to leave their own! A total lil "Sex Tip Swap"

That I have to read..I love to pull a surprise out now and then..

wow, thanks for the interesting post, i will give you feedback.

Great!! I look forward to hearing back from you!! :)

Did you have to build up your muscles or were you always able to do this where he could feel it? Also, is he circumcised? I've read that it is easier to milk on uncut men because they are more sensitive.

Great questions!! I have never had a baby so am a little tighter but I do do exercises to keep tight I will post them up in the story for others!! Also hubs is uncut and his head is ULTRA sensitive!! Thanks for stopping by and reading!! :)

That is sweet .. I wish more girl knew this trick .. I have met only one woman that could hold my **** inside her so tight I felt trapped in a good way hahaha

Aww thanks!! You need to start educating them!! Teaching a lady how to trap you that way sorta rocks!! :D

OOOOOOOH, can't wait to try this!! Gonna have to keep it indoors tho................I'm one of those vocal gals *winks*

Thanks for sharin' Sie!!

AWESOME!! Inside works just fine!! I think screamers are fun. Hubs and I stayed in a little motel out in the middle of nowhere in Vermont once and next door was a total lil screamer...Next morning we were leaving the same time as them and she looked at me sorta sheepishly and I gave her a big ole grin and a thumbs up and she totally cracked up....We had our own secret language going on right then!! PRICELESS!!

*rolling giggles* OMG, I've been that girl before.......... I was mortified at first, but then thought to myself.....................they didn't send anyone to quiet us they musta enjoyed it!

Only a real grump would mind happy sounds like that...or maybe someone who was on a business trip and needed a lot of sleep!! :D We were on vacation and got a total kick out of it. We were havin our own fun too so it sorta set the mood!! :D