Arms Race. Pt. One

I walked into the shop around ten thirty in the morning, the late morning sun illuminated the hanging dust particles suggesting the place hadn't been used in quite some time.I stifled back a yawn and walked forward examining the long glass cases covered in burlap. "Hmm curious" i thought to myself. Before I could finish my thought Paul came out from the next room wearing a huge smile and a halfway unbuttoned flannel shirt that showed off the hard smooth lines of his chest. I felt my face get hot at this thought as he spoke to me. "Hey you, didn't know you were stopping by today, it's a nice surprise" he added with that crooked smile I love. "Yes" I replied " I wanted to come by and see how you guys were getting the place going" I absentmindedly ran my fingers through my hair. Just then four more men ages ranging from 24-39 come in from the backdoor. I smiled at them , I had gotten to know these men better than most people over the course of the months I had spent with them. I saw Uncle Tim and bounded over to him giving him a quick hug. "The place looks great!" I said. "Thanks Kace" he replied looking me over taking in every detail of my outfit. "Dan?" My uncle called and Dan the youngest of the group stepped foward his dark curls a mess under his hat. "Take her, let her see the new goods" said my uncle. Dan beckoned for me to follow so I did as a few more men followed obviously curious for they had not been allowed to see either.
The place wasn't very large, actually quite small easily missed if you didn't know what you were looking for off the road. But walking down the hallway took what seemed like forever, the dusty floorboards creaking under us. I could feel the mens eyes on me from behind and was glad I wore the tights that outlined my *** perfectly. "Here you are beautiful " Dan suddenly said stopping at a small door. I got suddenly excited. heart pounding I slowly pushed it open feeling one of the guys hands on my lower back as he nudged me foward.
I gasped and cluched the doorframe for support for what inside the room was the most beautiful , plentiful array of weapons I had ever seen. These were much more exciting then the ones I had helped obtain. I squealed in excitement and ran forward all the men Watching me let out a chuckle. They knew how I was over new firearms. Just then my Uncle came into the room and wrapped his arms around my neck leaning down on me. He wispered in my ear "how is it kitten?" .
I replied breathless "but how did you.." he hushed me as he brought a finger to my lips then down to trace my collarbone leaving rows of chills as he went. He slipped one hand down and unbuttoned my blouse a few buttons. I felt my nipples harden as he did this knowing he wanted me, knowing all the men behind us were craning their necks to watch wishing they were him.
He leaned in close to my face raised his hand and waved it over the items in the room and simply said "pick one , we'll discuss payment later" then as if nothing had happened he shoved me foward smiled and trod out of the room.
Leaving me at his mercy of whatever payment he had in store but I didn't care I would do anything for these beautiful things ....

Should I continue the story?
It's all very true but I might embellish bit because some of the details are fuzzy.
Let me know.
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He'll yes, please finish!

Yes please continue! Sex and Guns! My two passions! Please add me too! I hope you finish this story soon!

I will! Thanks !