I Wanna Try New Things

i don't mind trying new things at all, i wud love to. I wud go all the way too, i've sex with both genders, i wanna try having sex with a trans too, i've no prob with that, i wud prob suck her and let her **** me cuz i'm mostly gay, i dunno i wud try anything and i mean anything new that comes my way, i just ve been alone for a while so i have noone to try new stuff with
dukedukedevlin dukedukedevlin
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Yugi-oh rocks

Anywho, I suppose you could try bondage :sweatdrop:

But are you sure ANYTHING? I just read a story about a girl that loves to use poop as a sexual fetish. All over herself. True story.

OMG i'm a huge fan of YU-GI-OH! that's a lil extreme but idk i wanna try whatever i can find, maybe ill like it, u ll never know