Anything Goes

I will try any form of sex known to mankind. There is not anything I would not try at least once to see if I liked it. Right now I am on a journey to discover myself. I have waited too many years with too many fantasies about having sex with men and now I am on that journey, but not as myself. I am on a journey to become what I have always wanted, but was too afraid to do until now. I have the undevoted love of my wife and she stands behind me with whatever choice I make on this journey. I am on this journey now to become and live as a woman I am open to sex any way possible with women and men.
Jessica1967 Jessica1967
41-45, T
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

My wife is also just as supportive in my journey to become a the woman I have always wanted. But getting to experience sex with a guy is not on the table for at least a while yet. I know she isn't giong to be happy with me doing that on my own and I know she doesn't really want to have another guy in the bedroom with us. She is okay with another transgendered girl at some point though.

I am glad to see you have support for your journey as well. It is hard to achieve this goal we both seek without it from someone. My wife doesnt want to bring a man into our bed, but is very willing to let me explore. I doubt anyone else will ever enter our bed unless we are apart and just friends.