I Needed It After A Long Day At Work

It was an exhausting day at work... about a 10 hour day, neeless to say i was counting down the minutes to get home. i punched out finally and headed back to my apartment.

As i walked through the door all the lights were off except for one dim lamp in the bedroom. I put my keys on the counter and started to undress from my work uniform. as i walked through the bedroom door serena greeted me with a smile. She was laying on the bed wearing the skimpiest set of lengere.

"do you like my new lengere?" she asked as she twirled a string of her hairaround her finger

my **** started to grow as she turned over onto her belly and lifted her little booty so i could see the silver chain and heart pendants on the back of the thong

i took my shirt off and unbuttoned my pants. the head of my **** was obviously sticking out of my waistband

she looked at me and looked down, turned over and pulled her panties to the side, exposing her little *****.

"I shaved her for you" she said

i walked over to the bed and started kissing her. her hands immediatly went for my ****. she pulled my boxers down and started stroaking my ****

i kissed her neck as she moaned in anticipation as i worked my way down. i pulled her panties aside and gently ran the tip of my tounge up and down her ***** lips, tasing how wet she was. it was intoxicating

i layed down on the bed and she sat on top of me. rubbing her soaking wet ***** lips up and down the length of my shaft before she grabbed the base of my **** and directed it inside of her.

She moaned loudly as she began to grind on me. I could feel every muscle in her abdomen tighten up around my **** it fealt so good as she grinded on me in a slow circular motion before she started moving faster and faster

I just laied back and enjoyed the sensation as she moaned and bucked on my ****

She was panting heavily as she thrusted back and forth. she stopped all of a sudden and pulled my **** out of her and leaned her whole body back, so her ***** was facing me, right below my ****. after a few seconds she let out a soft moan. i could feel a trickle followed by a hot stream of liquid running over my ****, onto my stomach and down between my leg, this got me so ******* hot! i thought i was going to *** on the spot!. it didnt last long maybe a few seconds before she grabbed my soaking wet **** and stuck it back inside of her and started grinding again

i was so turned on i only lasted maybe another 2 minutes before i was about to bust. I told her i was about to *** and she got up off of me, grabbed my **** and started sucking me off, using her hand to do that twisty thing that she knows i love. My **** was throbbing as the ****** hit. i had never came so hard in my life and Serena ust took it like a champ. i fell back on the pillow. i fealt like i had just ran a marathon. She sat up and smiled at me...

"how was your day at work baby?" She asked me.

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

absolutely. :)

sounds like you have got a winner there. Does she swallow and drink at the tap?