My Secrets Are Hidden Underneith Tissue Paper.


It was always my little secret. In junior high -in the middle of class, when my mind was dull and fading out- my mind would flash on without my consent , as if to shock me and then kick me in the ***, and I would remember the tiny details of what my boyfriends would do. Just the sweetest little tid bits. Like when I was saying somthing (I talk alot, even during sex), and midsentence, he just spread my legs and slipped his **** into me, and my throat just cut out and I gasped and clawed at his firm bare flesh as my spine arched and eyes bugged out. Or how he wouldn't even ask, he'd just say "turn over" and allign my hips on the edge of the bed, my collar bone pressed into the black cotton sheets (HORRIBLE color choice for a bed), shoulderblades protruding from my perspiring back. I'd strattle him, and would have to grip his meaty arms and tense my theighs around him in order not to be bucked off, and he'd place his hand somewhere between his body and mine and amuse himself with what he could do to me when he found the sweet spot. I'd offer a key to my secrets for those whom were on the brink of discovery; generally in the form of a high voltage smirk and would blandly utter "gym class" when they asked why my knees were bothering me so much.

The look on his face the very first time I went down on him, how I wouldn't break my gaze and smiled as he rolled his head back and breathed heavily. He'd place his hand on the back of my head, entangleing his fingers in my pink and black hair. His entire **** tensed up and pulsed when I was getting close. He'd arrange and rearrange my body like an action figure in play.

I smile when people take my sunglasses from the table in front of me and put them on and ask "how do I look?", I always respond with "very sexy", cuz that's what he told me. I love when we go out to dinner with my parents and they assumed my hair was messy from having the top off of his jeep.

No, I don't wish to gloat. However, if anyone were to be so bold as to ask, I will most definately answer without a blink. 

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i hope some where i find u, take care !!!