Maybe I am too open-minded. At least, a certain user in here seem to think she could take advantage of me being open and willing to listen to other people.
I find it a bit sad when I have block a person simply to be left alone from her abuse.
Susanna3 Susanna3
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I had one from another site that I had to block because she kept insisting I was hers and I need to turn my life totally to her.

Oh its great to be an open, nice and listening person. I hope that you wont become jaded and lose those good qualities due to others taking advantage of it. Also I support how you are as a Mom, from what i read in another post. It would be interesting to have a few exchanges back and forth. Take Care.

Add me please darling

Not a bad thing always

what does that mean: " take advantage"?

Its sad, but you'll come across these kind of people often on this site. It better to leave them with their stupidity and keep moving on.

Susanna, there are many people on here who enjoy chatting with such an open honest person as your good self. There unfortunately will always be a small minority of people who don't agree with the conversations of others, yet how come they read them? Similarly there is an even smaller minority who find it satisfying to abuse other genuine site members for no reason other than for their own weird pleasure. Please please ignore these people, blocking them is simple, letting them get to you and dwelling on it, means they somehow win in a small way.

Always one who spoils it. Good to see that there are open minded friendly ppl on ere :)

Open minded woman are hard to find

Having an open mind is great, it is what advances the world. We would still be stuck in the times of the inquisitions if it was not for open minded people. You did the right thing if someone keeps bugging you, just block them. Keep on keeping open minded.

very sad

it happens... dont worry about it..

Hi susanna3 i can tell you that it takes alot of courage to have an ear for some things But i am an old fashioned. but do you think there is anything wrong because i love hairy *****

Happens quite a bit… Give an inch and they take a mile.

sorry to hear. hope u dont try to change urself becoz of someone else's rough approach.

Dont worry, I wont.

keep the fire running TC