No matter how hard-headed you are, or how smart you THINK you are, you can always learn something from somebody else, however dumb they appear to you, so always keep an open mind and listen to everyone you meet, and don't "zone them out" It takes the most intelligence to realize that you aren't the most intelligent person alive, and everyone is intelligent in their own way
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True you are!!

You are absolutely right. "Openness" is the key to unlock the million possibilities that every moment provides in front of you.
You write beautifully, you should consider a blog

Thank you, I just haven't posted many things yet and this post was the first thing I could think of

Keep going. Have you tried poetry?

Yes, I love it, even won a contest at a local college, but I'm more into writing stories. I also like to write somgs for my cousin who is one of the music leaders at my church

wow, nice! Stories have this amazing ability from time immemorial. From the beginning of time stories are used to inspire, to heal, to bring together, to share love. In fact the most powerful leaders in the world are the most compelling story tellers. Share some song you wrote if you like

Many are too long to post, but if I post a poem later I will let you know :)

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