Once I thought I was, open-minded.
I was wrong.
I was thinking, acting as others wish for me too.
I started to think for myself one day.
Now, I know I am open-minded.
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*smile love the way you think! ~.*

*smile* Well thank you.... lordy be... sigh. At time, I don't but all in all.. I do try to think right.lol..

Beautifully put very articulate expression truthfully stated..smile ith you...

smiling back at you! Thank you!! Blessings and have a fine and dandy day!

Open minded is being open to try even unknown territories wishes of/with some one you respect trust hold dear to your heart...by association you experience happiness and satisfaction sharing together...your heart and soul takes you there....hugs

*smile* how nice! .... hugs

You come accross as an embodiment of grace transparency and very perceptive...Hugs again

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Too often we try to be the person other people expect us to be and not think and act as our true self. I have live most of my life trying to please others and keep peace in the family. I forgot about pleasing my needs. I have recently reclaimed my inner child and am much happier. I am open about my nudist lifestyle and feel like I have come out of a closet. My wish to you is simply "namaste"

Thank you for reading and this reply. Me too, I've gotten in touch with my inner child as well..huh... but to think of it... she hasn't been too far away most of my life! .... Namaste *smile*

Sense first grade I've
Wanted to be a girl. Wife accepts my dressing but with reservations. Enjoy the cloths the shoes and all the trappings.

If something....anything can make you feel alive, good and or happy. As long as it never hurts another... Anything and everything goes! For other's thoughts, none of their business unless asked. Blessings

Very nice for you to say that. *smile*

Lovely. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Hello Cuddles. You are always so... lovely and kind yourself. Thank you.

I am trying to open my mind more. It is not as easy as I thought. I have no trouble listening to others it's the little voices inside that have a hard time getting thru to me.

are you hard-headed... or.. wise? *smile*... hey.. that was suppose to be a ha-ha too!

All seriousness, I do understand. Trying to retrain oneself is a very hard thing to do. Most souls can not do it, too conditioned. Blessings to you my friend!

SSounds great! I used to think alike

It is a challenge to be true to oneself. And to be open-minded enough to realize, most things and people are not .... simply black or white.

that is good and glad you started to think for yourself and be able to accept what you want and what others want

yes, I realized that what others wanted was the farthest thing then what I wanted. No wonder I was so miserable. ;-)