The World As We Know It.

I know that it has been brought to every christian's attention that the world is soon coming to an end but no one seems to get what that really means. I mean if Christians and any God fearing person believed that then why do we continue to live the way we do? Myself included. The clubs, the cheating, the seven deadly sins that we continue to repeat and repeat all the time. The devil really got us fooled into believing that he doesn't exist, something as simple as sarcasm is a sin in itself. Even though we tell the truth after we have still lied and trust me there is no such thing as a little white lie. People gossip all the time but why? What does it prove? That you are paying attention to someone who may or may not be doing the things you are accusing them of? Let those without sin cast the first stone / word in this case. If that was taken literally then speech would be taken from all of us. I bet you if you really thought about everything that brings us slight satisfaction has some sort of sin attached to it.........except Jesus and his satisfaction is everlasting. I was a Christian all my life and never really understood what it meant. I just followed what my parents were doing and just fell into the habit of church. Church is not a building people, it is something you feel within you. It is your relationship with God and fellowship with others with the same belief. Finding a church now-a-days is so difficult because even there we have deceivers. People preaching the word and interpreting it to mean what they want. A whole Bible and they can only find passages associated with giving and their giving is not giving love and compassion to your fellow man but rather to give your money to the church. Granted they are still a few that are really doing God's work but finding them among all the fake churches tends to be frustrating. Oh and don't even talk about if you did not put money in the offering......that seems to be the biggest sin in today's church even though some of the so called pastors are committing adultery and then preaching to us like we are nothing but pay cheques. I may be wrong but I believe God would not be happy about that. I have not yet found a church where the pastor would come down off his pulpit and kneel along with his congregation in prayer. I have witnessed a pastor who does not touch a doorknob. Someone is always there to open the doors for him. They treat him like he himself is the Messiah. This same man went on to tell a friend of mines that God told him to tell her buy him a suit. Seriously???? While he was also sexually abusing another friend on mines when she went to confess some things to him after a service (as was said by her)? This is just 1 man and believe it or not they are worst out there still. The ones proclaiming to be holier than thou and are worst than some of the murderers and rapist. People just want the best for themselves always and there is nothing really wrong with wanting that, it's just that there is always someone out there that is in a worst situation that you are and it would b nice to help them if we can but somewhere along the line we got selfish. Wanting and still wanting after we receive. Never thankful for anything. Never contented. I once had 2 umbrellas, one with me and another at home. There was a little girl and her mother under a tree trying to shelter. Something just told me to give them the umbrella. A little rain never killed me yet. Plus I was lucky enough to be waiting for a ride to work. I will never forget the look of relief on both their faces and it felt so good to just do that little thing for them. You never know when a simple act can mean the world to someone. Whether it be just for that time or something that may be life changing to someone. I will always remember what my mother was drilling into me from the time I could's the little things that count. So pray for each other, love each other and try to be more Christ like if you are a Christian. If you are not one then I invite you to try to get to know Him. I am still trying to get to know Him again myself. I am not perfect nor will I ever proclaim to be but I know we can do better. May God bless all of you.
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Hi Blossom! My God blesses you. But, hey, why are you posting in 'I Am Very Opinionated'? Mmmm...ohhh, OK, same God as yours.