First I Realized I Was Bi

My best friend and I had many 3-somes with my 1st wife. I always enjoyed watching her devour his larger than my penis. She was very oral. And watching him **** her has been a image I often use for other purposes. After she left me for another guy, my best friend and I still hung out together and often went bar hopping together. One night after little luck with the ladies, we went back to my house and were having drinks and watching (what else, adult movies). There was a girl having quite an enjoyable time going down on a guy. I mention how I enjoyed watch him and my wife and always wondered what it was like. His response was, "I'm had as a rock and was thinking the same"
At this point he removes his pants, revealing his monster and starts stroking himself. My heart was racing, I was busting at the zipper of my pants, so I went over to him, knelt down and placed my hands on him. His moaning indicated that he was cool with this so I proceeded to lick him from balls to head. Placing his hands on the back of my head, he urged me to continue. Not that I needed any encouragement. I took him as deep as I could into my mouth and proceeded to give him my first blow-job. Sucking, licking and stroking him, rubbing his **** on my lips, and tongue so he could see. Now he is a big *** shot fan so as he was about to ***, he reached down, grabbed his **** and came all over my face. After his initial bursts, took the rest of him in my mouth, licked him clean, then we proceeded to the bedroom. But that is another story.
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wow great story, i would love to suck a **** that has ****** my wife

Been a long time. Need to find a new friend. Been craving for some time.

First you got to watch your wife suck and get ****** by him, then you get to suck him yourself. That's the kind of friend I've always needed.

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />