When I'm public and even at home, I'm outgoing. I enjoy (usually) interacting with people. Talking to them, joking with them, playing around, laughing, helping them, or working together...I thrive on that interaction.

However, I do have my moments of shyness. And, oddly enough, I am shy around those who I should feel the most comfortable around. Whenever I'm around my extended family, I fade into the background. There's really no other way to explain it. The saucy remarks, the mischievious smiles, the witty rejoinders, all of my usual personality goes to the wayside when I'm surrounded by that part of my family. To quote my uncle "You're this smart, shy girl in the corner with her nose stuck in a book." And, even though its partly my fault*, I was actually sad to hear that assessment because it showed that my own family members don't know me at all.

*I did try to break out of the shyness mold once and the reaction my attempt received was rather dramatic and emotional (on the parts of my family members...I was just amused), but I'll save that story for later. =P

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It is weird. But, in some ways it makes sense. Sometimes people will only see what they want to see...and when that leaning is encouraged by our own behavior a sometimes incorrect perception is born.

You sound just like me. I was always in the corner trying to blend into the wallpaper with my book. Isn't it weird though that the ones who think they know us haven't really got a clue?