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Pulling Us In

i dream about our achingly familiar parts; entangled

hard kisses melting inside hungry mouths

tantalizing tongues playing swords with each other

legs wrapping together, like ivy vines to cinnamon bricks

i grip your arms
that resemble strong, maple trunks
planted beside me
giving, with deep groves, and steady

your ragged panting
pounds incessantly near my ear

your boiling breath
scorches my bare neck

the slapping wetness
penetrates the smoldering silence

like the rhythm of a single beating drum
it takes over the night

pulling us
wildf1ower wildf1ower 26-30 14 Responses Oct 15, 2011

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You sure pulled me into the intensity. Nicely done. Thanks for those images.

You sure pulled me into the intensity. Nicely done. Thanks for those images.

Awesome!!!! Paints a wonderful picture

Daisy - great stuff. I enjoy it. Makes me desire more!

very good desc<x>riptions!


thank you all for the kind comments...they mean so much to me!

Such a beautiful fury of what real passionate ex<x>pression is in a deep bond built between two. So intense and immense. Bravo. what have you for an Encore?

thats the dream i wish to have every day when i find the woman of my dream that if i am going to find her .its so good

OMG! I just came! Very nicely done sweetie! now Im hard again! Boing!

I am left speechless. That's the kind of passionate love I would want during sex. Well done on your poem.

'boiling breath' was referring to the heat during sex essentially, and when i wrote 'drip' it wasn't a literal meaning, but rather painting a figurative image of drips of water due to heat, somewhat like boiling water express your passion so vividly!!!

Fantastic job!