When Passion And Life Conflict

i find myself so lost in a lot of things i do... i am very passionate about workin with kids... so i am going back to school to major in psychology. i am passionate about poetry and my writing. life in general to be honest.

but then there's the down side to having so much passion, you tend to get hurt more because others dont know how to accept it... or get let down easily.  sometimes it makes my heart ache... like my soul is crying. i don't know....
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@realoce its hard to find people thats exactly like you and believes that being passionate about everything you do makes life worth living...<br />
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@silentwife2009 thats what i see also... people only seem to be passionate about what "can be done for them" rather than what they can contribute to the world...i feel that being passionate about life is more important than how much money i can make off of it.

All I can say is it's hard to find people like you in the world. Most people who are remotely passionate about anything it's either related to getting sex, money or power.

Don't ever try to cool your passion, <br />
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I am passionate myself to all the things I I have passion for all the people I care, I am passionate about life, people, interests. All I do is with passion, and makes me feel like I live this life ALIVE, I am LIVING it to the fullest and I am full of life. <br />
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Is just the way I feel, the way I act, the way I think. I am happy to be this way. I am happy to knmow there is someone out there just as I am. Feel different, feel happy, feel proud. I am:

that is so true....


exactly =)

one thing people cant kill is my passion... i will continue to write my poetry and i will continue to remain who i am... because lets face it, once you let some kill your passion you have nothing left....

hey, i just wanted to let you know that you are very lucky to have that passion and never to let it go or do things in life that would make you lose any of it. I can't say I'm just like you, but I do think I'm passionate about my life. And I know very well how much it can hurt to commit to things and not have that same level of affection returned. The worst is when you want something so bad and to be told that you're not the person to achieve that desired level. But you know what, people like us can't be swayed, so don't try. Do your best, and show them that you are the best. Rock out hard in life. Write some master poetry, and change the wave of the future to benefit the world for us all!