Digging In Deeply

I have always been a passionate person. Sometimes i wonder where that came from. Used to I would be picked on because of my sensitivity, but i think that is what makes you passionate. Do you think that is right? I mean, to love others deeply, you have to be sensitive and to be sensitive and actually care about things, that is passionate right? Or am I misunderstanding this whole passionate thing. Digging in deeply and loving with your soul, is that passionate?
wonderingkitten wonderingkitten
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

What a sad story beautiful bell. Sorry for your pain.<br />
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Wonderingkitten (love your name, btw), being passionnate and sensitive are different things, but if you are passionnate and also sensitive, it can be a wonderful thing. Please guard your heart.

I think to Love like that is beautiful! But it can destroy you, I loved someone that why, did everything for him nothing was too much to ask. I thought we were perfect, we were going to get married did everthing togethe! We would hold hands even in our sleep! Imagine my shock when he came home after 6 1/2 years after a day at his moms and started a fight and packed and left. Its along story but this did destory me. So love like that is beautiful but not for me never again!