True Passion

People so often just instantly jump to sex, flirting etc and that whole game, and call it passion. To me, its the simplest form of passion, I wouldent call it passion at all honestly, but of course people can have fun this way all they like, but again. Its not really passion, and it will never truly be.

To me anyway.. True passion can only be shown or displayed if you will, if two people know each other, or have goten into each others head :). Exploring the mind, explore ideas, become closer mentally. Ther are of course certain things that would make more people easily passionate, like desire. When you want someone, and this can instantly jump to sex cause again many people have desires based on looks puurly. In many ways, the quicker it is about sex, the less passionate it is. In most cases anyway(I kinda want to say all, but are always exceptions to everything). And no I do not mean sex as in thought, but sex as in focus. Playing with the idea you can do all you like of course. But ther is a loop hole really to it all, cause if you are gonna base passion based on knowing your partner it also depends how fast you can get to know your partner. Meaning the more shallow you are, the shorter is your passion, the passion would never last. The deeper you are, the longer it would stay. So in that sence again, shallow would never be true passion, cause its not capable of feeling something so deep.

I ges Ive always found that weird with myself, it just never ends. It just burns and burns and burns. I would want to shower the one I love with kisses and drown her in it. Ther are no limits, ther isent any end to it, only way to stop is stoping myself. Which Ill admit, is insanly diffycult, that much its almost impossible. But of course, many would hate this idea just as much as some would love it. When I feel for you, I cant notice any other girl in the world. Its honestly kinda dangerous also, to become soo much, yet I would never harm anyone I love of course. I would never stalk anyone, I would never bother them unless they wanted me to :). When I love, I dont care about my own happiness at all, all I care about is you. But if you care about me, if you somehow manage to love me just half or heck, 1/5 of what I love you, I would be the happiest man on earth. I know how cliche probably much of this sound really. But well, its beyond words, nothing I say can even remotely describe it.

I love being in your head, feeling what you feel, see things the way you see, thinking like you think. And kinda funny sometimes how I seem to know before you do, even when it is you telling me. And you would also haunt my mind, always ther, never even leave me for a second, I would see you and smile every day. Even when I dont physically see you. But your always with me, even so. You drive me mad perhaps, but honestly I probably drive myself mad.

My point anyway.. How can it be passion if you dont have someone who shares ther mind with you?. It is what is most beautiful about it all. Having a deep emotional connection with someone. An inner beauty that outshines anything physical.

But more importandly then anything, I want you to be happy <3

Even if that means I wouldent have any role in your life.
Tanuron Tanuron
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You are pretty awesome... dont lose you - you are very inspiring--> im working on it :-) I sincerely wish all men where like you...

Thank you :), thats incredible nice to hear, very much so since have felt for a while like "men" like me is simply not supposed to be. So thank you :), very nice to hear :).

I'll have to admit this for the first time, coz ur post touched me so. very. much. I know what it means when u love someone and all u want to do is open ur chest and put them inside and wrap ur arms around urself and feel them every time ur heart beats and where ever u go, and somewhere u want to feel them so close to ur heart, not merely this but to feel it in return as if its synchronizes. Now what i really wanted to say is that i have an unlimited desire, yearn for to please who i love, i want to know what they love, think, feel,like, i would see in their direction when they see, look into their eyes,smell them, cry for their pain...yes i get twisted it gets worse if let it out of control believe me, allll this is to love and please to be loved back half of how i love them, i can L O V E them until i feel the pain that comes from it.BUT and i stress on but i would make sure that all that hysteria doesn't get to them or seen on me or even if they know, i would try to control the the whatever outstanding love i have on myself to grow and nuture myself well most of all to balance it and not seem to selfish. Its A love that 'i' would wish to be loved like, i did wait 24 yrs to feel it and say this. it is the most strongest, powerful force i have in me that gives me hope, a reason to live and smile with no reasons, spreading love every where i go, coz i cannot contain it, i tried to reserve it for one and give it all, but it never lasted... wellll, IT can literally kill me if i don't manifest it.

Its nice that it can give you hope and makes you smile :).Im not really sure about myself, if I contain it or not. I guess in many ways I do and in many ways I dont, since I dont really hate anyone. So in a very basic sence, I guess I feel love for everyone. But I still certainly contain most for one special person. But again, I think im freindly and nice to pretty much anyone, not sure if that is spreading love or not. But in a relationship sense, I think I could just love one person. Even if just logical speaking, world would probably be better if everyone loved everybody, lol. Anyway, I can imagine that it would basicly drive you crazy if you dont let it out and let it "manifest" in one way or the other. Hard to contain any emotion really if it gets too intense. Love is strange anyway I guess :). Many diffrent forms and levels of love. Thx for your post :).

fantasy or obsession?<br />
but honestly find it really impossible. where on earth to find this?

Maybe both?:D.. But yeah, hard to find, but its ther anyway. Its kind of a vicious circle almost Ive noticed. Its usally never where you look, and those who possess it arent any willing to display it or share it, lol. Kinda funny really.

like your being optimistic

It's out there, and it's real. It's everything you ever thought and hoped for. Recovering from it after it ends? *shakes head* That's another story.

Being passionate to me means being fully alive..whether that is with someone else or is the intense surrender and openess to all that I see , hear,smell,touch,feel, completely absorbed is a wonderful place to be ..yes it makes you vulnerable but to be fully alive you must be a tree in a storm ,it must feel every blow every rain drop,yet it stands tall .<br />
I agree with you , in a relationship with somoene I want to feel all of them ,to absorb all their scents,their flavour,to be so connected there are no fears ,just acceptence..pure love.<br />
I tried to deny my passion,to keep it for me only to know and to release in things I wrote,but as I have grown ,in self and years :)) I am proud and thankful to be so passionate ,it allows me to fully appreciate all that this life has in it. life Without passion is like life through a fog :))<br />
Long live Passion

yesh ^^, true :). And ive also noticed about myself that I release some passion through writing :). And good to hear you have found acceptance with yourself :). Nothing like it, pure love I mean :). Thx for your comment :).

It is so true that passion comes with knowing a person, true passion. The more you learn about them and love what you see, it makes your feelings toward them grow stronger. Passion in general about life is a good quality to possess :)

yes exactly :), seem to be so many who dont even realise that these days. Many who dont understand what they are missing really, sometimes this normal passion if you will, get in the way for the true passion. But they think the normal one is true passion.