All You Need Is Love

I'm a very passionate person. When I fall in love, which I do quite easily, I give my whole heart intensely to the other guy involved. My supposed sweetheart and I have had our share of bouts where we left each other to try new people, but we always came back to each other. (Despite the cheating.) I can't relate how much I love my boyfriend. We have been on and off for nearly three years, but we always come back to each other. (Thank goodness we are happy and together now, have been for almost a week!)
    A little story of my passionateness is something I wanted to share with you all, so here it goes. Passionate is a word with a strange connotation. A lot of people would say I'm passionate and it has to do with sex. I disagree. You can be passionate about animals, food, cosmetics,a person without sex etc... whatever you care for and love with extremes. But, this is a love story.
    This last time my boyfriend broke up with me, I was a complete wreck. His reasoning was that he was losing interest in me and he had met someone else. An older... (much older!!!! like 25 and he is 19!) more experienced women. I guess that is what he wanted. (I want to wait till marriage and well he doesn't.) I figured that had something to do with it. I didn't let this bother me. Although I did go a little crazy... (probably an understatement) I made the most of the breakup and found someone else to be with. Sadly I compared him to my former love the WHOLE time and found out that he just wasn't well... My ex!
    I formulated a plan to win back my love. I started talking to him again. I flirted. I cared and well... I wasn't a weird 25 year old woman. Eventually though, instead of forcing him to leave her, she left him. Claiming she was getting ready to settle down and he wasn't even in college yet. I had to smile, this was some of the best news EVER. My ex didn't come rushing back to me. But he did become closer. I think he started falling back in love with me when he thought I would never be with him again. Plus I knew he couldn't resist me. I knew just how to tempt him. (I don't think this is bad... I think.) Before I knew it, he was apologizing profusely with all the right tools. I was hooked.
    We made up and got back together and ever since we have never been happier or more in love. I think his fling made him realize how good he had it. I'm loyal, caring, and I know him. I appreciated him more than she ever could and that probably had a lot to do with it. I am confident our passionate knowledge of each other will keep us together even though we plan to attend separate schools. So, really, all you need is love when it comes to relationships. When you are extremely passionate about someone or something, it shows. I guess he finally saw how passionate I was about him. And now, he is that way about me!
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5 Responses Mar 1, 2007

There are times when we tend to ignore the strengths and consider the weaknesses. Thankfully you have seen the positive.

If I can make a suggestion just make sure you are on the same page with regards to longer term plans whatever they may be - residence, working, kids etc... * before * it happens... and I suggest you travel as much as possible before the responsibilities catch up to you...

If yall break-up all the time why get back together? But i know what you mean, even though I'm the complete same way with my boyfriend.. but this time I've realized he's what I want, and have wanted.. I may be young, call me crazy. But I'm passionate about him. & I know what you mean when you say he finally realized what he had.. I'm glad everything worked out.. :)

thank you!

Good for you two. I wouldn't have stuck with him if I were you, but you must have found something you really liked about him. Good luck to the both of you.