hi all

my story is just like any other kids story in egypt

where ur parents have all previlages to punish u however they see and i was extra lucky that my mom was a teacher which means an extra experience in disceplining

i was a lazy student with a regular bad school reports and my mom always dreamed that ill become a doctor which turned my life to hell ,i was always lower than her expectations and i always was deserving a punishment

usually i was getting my punishments as spankings and she preferred bare botttom ones , i was always told to go to my room, take off my pants and underware and lay onmy be with my face below my pillow

then mom comes with any implement she choose ( hairbrush-wooden hanger- an electric wire or a leather belt ) and start spanking me with all power she can which always left me with a red apple *** ...

then i was to stand up and apologize and spend my night sleeping all naked to remember

i wish any one ( boy or girl ) to chat with me coz i need to know other people experiences and how they got through it



thespankeedoctor thespankeedoctor
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My parents also strict. They also can hit me when I do something wrong. One thing which is important is not let the kid feels humiliation or being low. Thanks for sharing...

How sad. How very sad. I am so sorry for you that you had to endure such humiliation, disguised as discipline. Hopefully, as a Mother, I have not hurt my children as such. I have tried so hard to encourage them, lift them up, and give them a sense of self-worth without a sense of being anymore worthy than another person.