About the Things I Do

Whenever I decide to put myself into something, I often find myself feeling really strongly about that thing whether it's a task or a belief. Right now, I am passionate about muay thai, the industry I'm in, my country (Philippines!) and making sure I experience as much in life as possible. I've never had a boyfriend before but I think if I do have one, I'll be passionate about him as well.
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26-30, F
1 Response Apr 16, 2007

It is great to spend as much time as possible enjoying the simple things:<br />
<br />
Warmth, a cool breeze, sunlight on the green leaves just before sunset, <br />
bright innocent eyes of children, cleaning and organizing a corner in the house, a bird call that has not been heard for awhile, briliant pink, purple, red, and orange in the sunset, kind words, people who care enough to act and make changes in our world, a cat massage, butterfly wings, and cool clean water to drink.<br />
<br />
The list is endless, so much to enjoy. <br />
<br />