Is It Possible To Be Too Passionate?

I feel so much! I feel happiness, sadness, grief, love, etc. very intensely.  I do everything with so much enthusiasm and energy.  I dream big.  And even when I'm dreaming simple it's always so vivid.  How can I describe this other than I feel the moment.  If I'm walking on the beach I feel the breeze, the smell of the ocean, I hear the waves, I see the sun glistening in the water. I am one with the moment.  And it make me feel good.  I feel alive.

I put love into everything I do.  I am curious.  I am adventurous. (However, I know my limits.)  I want to live life to the fullest.  I want to experience as much as I can.   I appreciate art, culture, history, music, food and beauty!  I am sensual.  
Yet, I feel like an outsider.  I feel that I should be less emotional.  That I should tone down.  My own husband doesn't understand my dreams or my passions.  He thinks I am fanciful.  So I try to tone it down.  I try to suppress my feelings.  I feel so alone.  How can he not understand me?  I suppress, suppress and suppress until I feel like I'm suffocating.  I am dying inside because I need to unleash my passion.  I need to fly.... To live.  To love.  To hate.  To be angry.  Is it wrong?  

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Every single word you wrote, I can relate to it. I'm EXACTLY like that. Soo passionate that I find myself constantly having to tone it down because of my surroundings. I just want to burst out my energy

I would like my partner to be very giggly, squealing, enthusiastic, emotional. Most of all, emotional, emotional, emotional... I need a woman who easily cries. I want her to be always laughing, giggling and smiling. I want her to get enthusiastic about the littlest of things, even just by finding something she found fancy on the ground. Then, I will always have a smile on my face, and everything would feel all right. Why do I need that? I don't know...

You should always be passionate... Like you said, some people live off on passion. I may not show much on the surface these days, but ugh, sometimes I feel the highest of the high, the lowest of the low... It's not exactly pretty. I don't know why I was born so sensitive. But it would be nice to have someone to feel these feelings with me. Then, I think that everything would be all right. Perhaps loneliness is the most painful of all.

You said it all so true. Women never stop dreaming. There was a stage in my life that I heard myself saying " I need romance! " And it's not all about sex either, it's about passion. Whoo Hoo!!

I want to live by having love in everything , exactly as you did mention in first half .

And i always feel there are two world one which i see with open eyes and other which see when i keep my eyes closed , If i am not allowed to keep my dreams on with open eyes i keep them on passionately with closed eyes but i do keep them burning !

Nothing is wrong with any of that. The moment is all we have and without it we are nothing. The only problem with feeling this way is that the person next to you is not you. To be loved can also feel like a burden sometimes. Keep living and if they dont mind you doing that then its all good.
You are not alone

Passion and depth of thought are all that gives life purpose. Cherish this, knowing there cannot be too much..., as long as no one gets hurt. On the other hand, difficulty in relationships is proportional to any mis-match in this regard. Loneliness, naive optimism and animal compulsions frequently lead us to relationships in which we later feel stifled or ashamed and again lonely, because we expect either too much or too little from the other person. Then we end up here on the internet looking for kindred spirits who can appreciate more of who we are. But don't fret. Life is still a lot more comfortable than it was for most of our ancestors! Welcome. :)

Very good points. Perhaps my life is too comfortable. lol Maybe I'm bored. lol Thank you for your reply! :)

I don't think it's possible to be too passionate. The love of life is a fantastic gift. I wouldn't try to tone it down or keep it hidden. Release it, be invigorated, and live every moment how you wish to live it. Living isn't living if you aren't doing it to the best of your ability, and living life how you wish to.

Thanks Reece. You are always such an awesome support! :)