To Be With You...

Oh Cara Mia, you TOUCH me! In every way that enthralls the heart and captures the soul, you possess me. You are a searing presence occupying my mind at every moment and burning through my imagination. I can think of little else, but you. I now live in a state of perpetual arousal. I fall asleep desperate to find you in my dreams. Throughout the day you are my haunting companion. I even entertain imaginary conversations with you, confiding my most intimate secrets. Darling, my senses are alive with you!

Oh but fanciful company is an insubstantial substitute for reality. I long for your physical touch; to feel your body next to mine; to experience your weight pressing against me, grinding and swaying. I want you to know me, to palpably grasp my urgent need for you.

I ache to reach out and to caress you, to gently stroke your long silky hair, to breathe in your intoxicating essence, to gaze into your mesmerizing eyes and to lose myself forever inside of you, to feed you from my very being, to consume you and to be consumed by you.

I want to wake up beside you, to nuzzle you in the soft parts of your neck gradually working my way to the small of your back. I want to nibble your ears, whispering of my desire for you. I want to explore every crevice and curve of your sensuous body, tracing a path with my tongue from your head to your feet and tarrying along the way to worship your beauty.

I would linger long at your legs. Taking each ankle in turn and lifting it to my mouth, I would shower your luscious limbs with kisses. Fondling and squeezing the muscles of your calves, I would oh-so-slowly journey upwards, teasing and tickling with my tongue the sensitive spot behind each knee.

Arriving at the curvaceous swell of your magnificent thighs, I would place your legs over my shoulders, all the while kneading and massaging the flesh of your upper legs while burying my face in the voluptuous embrace of your inner thighs.

Feasting upon the aroma of your womanhood, so redolent of the previous night's lovemaking, I would  probe, oh-so-gently at first, the mysteries of your feminine being. Taking delicate control of your clitoris, I would increase the rhythm of my tongue strokes ever so gradually, tantalizing and teasing. With my teeth and tongue working toward a frenzy, I would savor the succulent juices of your excitement.

Feeling your back arch, your legs thrashing uncontrollably, your hips involuntarily thrusting in sympathetic tempo with my own urgent need, I would purposefully part your legs and again penetrate your core, listening for the small moans of escalating pleasure and expectation escaping your lips.

Bucking and rocking powerfully at an ever more frantic pace, I would bring you to crescendo more than once before we exploded together in a cascade of shuddering satisfaction.

Sweet Girl, were it possible I would be with you this minute. I live to feel your touch...

WraithSword WraithSword
56-60, M
4 Responses Apr 7, 2009

Thank YOU for your kind comments!

Wonderfully written! Amazing imagery within your words. Thank you for sharing.

very sensual wraith!

Love AND Passion ... Lust has its place. But it is necessarily selfish. Love is the essential ingredient. It is what renders the other person's needs more important than our own. 007, I am so sorry that he took your love in exchange for his lust. But, it appears that he is all alone now within his self-centered universe.<br />
<br />