Zip My Lips.

I love to talk, make people laugh. I'm good at it.

I love to listen, make people feel loved. I'm good at it.

I know how they feel, the situations, and the outcome.

Every time, they meet a guy, I guess the outcome, I'm right.

I've become the 'smart friend.' The friend that saves them from abuse, heatbreak, and pain.

When they feel sad, I know. When they do something bad, I immediately know.

Then, why do they always leave me? My friends, they want the truth, I give it and they get mad. Slap me, scream at me.

I'm still always right. Always the perceptive one, and always regretting opening my mouth.

I'm perceptive, smart. Why doesit feel so stupid
mazymoop mazymoop
2 Responses Nov 21, 2011

wow, this is exactly my situation. My friend loves to here what I have to say, its so truthful and rich and I can always tell with anyone what they are feeling. its actually quite cool even though it is very stressful and I don't have many friends because of it.

You have a gift. If your friends do not like it and cause you that pain, then they are not your friends. They are just using you, then turn around to and get mad. Embrace your gift !!<br />
Love & Light,<br />
- King