Extremely Petite

i'm 20 years old but I stand at 4"12 and the rest of my body is tiny as well. i had a lot of issues with my body while growing up and i always found that i was the tiniest everywhere i went. it was difficult having people mistaken me for a younger age than i was. luckily i didn't have to go through bullying and I always had friends growing up, though I'm shy as a result of my size. i used to hate going clubbing or to bars because i knew I'd be asked for my id whilst my friends where allowed to enter without a second glance. dating was not a problem. I've been lucky enough to always have guysfemales (I'm "bi-sexual") attracted to me but I used to feel so embarrassed walking around with my boyfriends, who were usually VERY tall, and people thought i was way younger than my partners at the time. also I have this fear of attracting men who like young girls, pedophiles, because i'm so tiny but I'm legal. luckily I haven't experienced anything of the sort. I'm slowly learning to love myself as I am.
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3 Responses Nov 11, 2012

Doesn't 4'12 mean 5 foot? Lol


You should love yourself...inside and out....the time you do, the more fun you will have. I had problems accepting myself. Once i accepted myself...i have had soooo much fun....be who you are...love who you are...the rest is just gain and it will come automatically