A Good Sissy Girl Can Please A Real Man

I am a good sissy girl so i always look pretty and sexy and completley feminine for my Mistress. i always did avoid Real Men because i felt Real Men would be brutes to such a completely feminine sissy girl like me. But Mistress explained that i would not be a truly complete sissy until i had shown that i no longer had any hope of feeling or expressing manliness by providing a big strong Real Man a complete girlfriend expericne for one full day. Mistress explained that strong studly Real Men would not mind at all that i was a sissy girl as long as i knew my place and acted with proper respect for their Male authority. Mistress was so right! When She introduced me to Butch he treated me just like a sweet sexy girl, since i was dressed in a mini skirt sleeveless blouse matching bra and panty set and thigh highs with four inch open toed stilletos, how else would he have treated me. When he pulled me onto is lap and i felt his huge muscular thighs and realized that EVERTYHING about his was big and powerful and thick i understood that i was now the complete sissy girl that Mistress expected. Of course Butch made it clear that i was to respect his Manly power and authority. He put me over his knee, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and gave me a very strick spanking to make Himeself perfectly clear. But once He was done He allowed me to kneel at his feet and to be a very good sissy girl for Him. Mistress was so please with me :-)
andreaeliseprescott andreaeliseprescott
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Powerful story and thrilling experience...

girl, you and i are soul sisters!!!!<br />