Oh Yes

I have even dedicated a experience on my site to my daddy! n that pic is of me n my daddy when i was hours old!

I love my daddy to bits n i am so so proud that through all the **** he has been through in his life whether it be army stuff, divorces, children work n now being 61 he hasn't taken the smile off his face!!

He has always been there for me even when he really hasn't got time or he has had a stressful day he will always sit down with me n listen n help me!

When i was on holiday things got a messed up! huge accident involving best mates mum n a bastard english man!!! n i phoned him at 2 in the morning he was on Early's that week n needed to be up at 4 but he realized i needed his help so he came n spoke to me! calmed me down n helped me calm best mate down n telling me who i needed to talk to to sort everything out like the hotel owner etc to try n get him to do it!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 9, 2007