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Perhaps it was the military training. Or perhaps, like Lady Gaga, I was just born this way.


But to me the greatest virtue is punctuality. I'm always on time.


I have never been late. No one has ever waited for me. No matter what the occasion, no matter how sophisticated the preparation, I am always on time.

Even when time is short, I can be ready in a trice when needs be.

If this is a virtue, then there is also a curse. I cannot abide lack of punctuality in others. I simply have no tolerance for it. If I can be on time, so can they.

I give no margin.

The appointed time is an absolute. I get impatient. Then I get angry. Then I strike them off and that progression is measured in seconds and not minutes...... According to my husband.


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4 Responses May 17, 2012

I guess I now know you'd be annoyed with me *Mary sheepishly hangs her head* but I am very punctual for work. They're paying me so I had better be there on time and working.

LOL Mary, as long as you know when you meet me, you need to be on time;) x

early is not "on time"<br />
<br />

B, I agree..early is not 'on time' - do the Dutch way B, when you arrive early..walk around the block until you are 'on time' ;)

My son is this way....a former Army officer....he drives us crazy with being at a place long BEFORE it is necessary, especially when we're going somewhere that involves flying. I hate airports and want to be there the least time possible....I enjoy sliding in breathless by the seat of my pants....it's thrilling, he finds it intolerable.

It is the military way, Crone. We are trained to be punctual;) Maybe we are NOT related haha.

Woo Hoo! You'd like me too. My transportation job requires a timetable. The bus I drive has arrived on time for every one of its stops for years and years. : ) *knock on wood

Great to hear:) knock on wood too:) you must be very dependable too.