Or So I'm Told..

I never feel that I am as quiet as people make me out to be. However, there are times when I myself personally know I am being quiet. That always includes school. Yes, I can fully agree with people that I was the quiet girl in school. I was never one to participate in classroom discussions but when it came to group work, I always contributed other than being the recorder. I discussed things but even doing that I'd still get classmates saying that I was quiet or not remembering ever interacting with me. Still, I will agree that I was and probably always will be quiet in school.

However, I just had one of the best nights this whole summer with a few new people but a group of old friends that I haven't interacted with in awhile. It was mostly an all girl setting however this guy that was one of the new people was making me feel really uncomfortable, so I tried my hardest to avoid him while still being polite. I find out that after he left he told one of my good friends there that he felt I was shy, quiet, and uncomfortable. That he was also basically going out of his way that entire night to NOT make me feel that way because apparently I was THAT quiet and awkward to him. It really bothered me considering I know for a fact I was not being quiet at all. Maybe to him because I wanted nothing to do with him because to me it came off as creepy flirting rather than general warming friendliness. But I was having really awesome discussions with my friends at the dinner table at one point and he was right there. How could he say I was quiet?!

Another friend made a comment though that it was "the most I've ever heard you talk in awhile". That also bothered me but not nearly as much as the kid that was creeping me out. I felt like in the past I had very good, normal conversations with that friend. I guess I was wrong.

Its just I don't get the way people view me and 100% come to an agreement that I'm quiet and shy. I do have social anxiety but I know I'm not the same awkward girl I was years ago who'd only talk to one other person if any. It also doesn't make sense when the same people who've known me for awhile constantly say I'm quiet. If thats the case, by now can you just accept that its me and be done making your ever so "obvious" statement?

When it comes down to it, I'm just who I am like everyone else is who they are. Maybe I'm a little bit more reserved but never nearly the person people always believe me to be. :/
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Just love yourself and ignore those who won't take the time to get to really know you.