I'm in love with someone.I saw him at the bakery leaning agains a shelf an said " I must have you" so I took him home and when we got there I shoved in the oven and said " you can come out in 90 mins and left and went to the store and caMe back with cool whip. I took him out of the oven , juicy And warm and put whipped cream all over him than I said " I love you" and ate him. Ps if you didn't figure it out the boy was a pumpkin pie

Pps this is true
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That was quite funny. It reminded me of something my sister would say. :)

lolololololololol i like pie lolololololololol

LOL! Hilarious! <br />
<br />
-Cinnapepprika <br />
Ps. Guinea pigs rule<br />
Pps. RockingBird she's not a moron! All the coments I've seen that are from you<br />
aren't that nice! So just back off if you have nothing nice to say! >:(

lol im not a moron lol

Hah ya

lol when you said you ate him i thought you were a canible. very clever and funny

I like it!!!