Of course I'm a random person!

I've never noticed though

Lol, =D
LoveIsSublime LoveIsSublime
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I ♥ snoopy!

Lmao, aw lovie, you're too kind to silly me XD<br />
Say, sweetheart, want to try on my knickerz? XP

Yep yep, I gave him some victorias the other night.<br />
They were to tight =P

*gasps* JB! I didn't know you were wearing any!

and i love when my panties get all tied up =D

Lol, jb thatz the point =P<br />
Love to make you guys get y'all panties all tied up =P

*giggles* JB's a man.. it happen's ;)

i dont care really it just throws me off lmao.

Lol, =P<br />

damnit stop changing your name!!!!!!