My Husband Calls Me The Queen Of Non Sequiters....

   I know its true because usually when someone says something it may remind me of something that in my mind is related but they way that my mind works I go about getting to my next thought in a very round about way. So often people look confused when I put my two sense in. Because you may have been talking about how you love kids and I have a memory of liking the art museum when I was young so I talk about the first time I saw a Picasso painting. This is just an example but I think sometimes people think I am not paying attention or just flaky and stupid but usually after you get to know me you can understand why I bring certain things up. I do a whole lot of explaining because of this, but.... I like myself this way so PLTHTHTH!
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4 Responses Aug 11, 2010

I am really not better than anyone, the comments you have made shows me that you are both also. You should never think that any group of people or even one person is better than you, the minute you submit to that thought is the minute you will prove yourself right.

You are right APRILRIVER, being a hard worker and thinker, I apologize. I should have preface my words with generally speaking. I personally do not know of anyone that is a worker bee and thinker at the same time. I believe you are better genies than me.

I am a thinker and I wish I didn't have to do a hard days work but I need money and i am in school (so that I won't have to work so hard), but right now I do work, I work my butt off! I am a bartender and waitress. Most days that I don't have night classes I work a double shift my boss relies on me heavily and all my co-workers tell me he is taking advantage of me. I also work hard at home, I take care of my son and my husband but I am also a thinker though, I don't see how one relates to the other, why can't I be both?

There are two types of people, worker bees and thinkers. Sound to me you are a thinker and do not do a day's work. But that is great because you like others come up with new ideas to make life easier for worker bees like me.