Remembering Random: Sun Reflectors

Yet again, I was hanging out with my cousin. I seem to be at my strangest around her. Anyway, we were driving around at night in town. Not really going anywhere or anything.

So I'm listening to her talk about something and we turn a corner. She hit the breaks really fast because some people were in the middle of the street. They were all wearing really dark cloths so it was almost impossible to see them at first. I was so surprised and mad at the same time that the first thing I said didn't make much sense. I yelled, "Why don't they wear sun reflectors or something." I got this really confused look on my face. We both laughed because sun reflectors sounded so stupid since it was nighttime. Out of breath I added, "You don't where sun reflectors at night! Light reflectors!" We laughed even more. After a bit I told her, "I know sun reflector and light reflector are basically the same but it sounded so freaking stupid when I said it."

We went right back to talking and laughing about other junk.
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May 17, 2012