My Little Stories

I dont know why but i just felt like doing this!

One day there was a little turtle called Alfred he was a strange little turtle.
One day there was a ladybird crawling on a leaf. She crawled up to the turtle and said "Hello Mr Turtle. How are you?".
The turtle turned around and said, "I am not a turtle. I am a frog and my name if Alfred".
The ladybird was confused. She didn't understand why he was saying he was a frog when he was clearly a turtle.
But she just smiled and said "have a good day Mr. Frog"

The next day the ladybird saw the turtle again and said "hello Mr. Frog" instead of "Hello Mr. Turtle".
But again Mr Frog looked her strangely and said in a deep voice "I am not a turtle! Can you not tell? I am a stallion!"
But the ladybird just chuckled and in a posh voice she said "Hello Mr. Stallion"

To be continued....
bshabz bshabz
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1 Response May 25, 2012

this should definitely be continued. can't wait for part 2. >_

lol it was just for you

i will do the rest of it when i have time

ok, i'll wait for 'em