Deja Vu

ok so ive been having simar dreams lately.Yesterdays dream was that i was in an upstair room where i was taking care of my nephews then in a flash im al of the sudden in my daughters room sweeping and what ive sweapt keeps reappearing so im confused so i look to my right and the wardrobe doors are open and things start coming out and floating in the air,im talking like papers plastic bags clothes and i find myself holding a stick wanting to hit a bag wanting to suffocate me and im almost paralyzed and can harly move my arm and when i try to screm or call out and say gods name im mute a cannot seem to make ANY sound come out of mu mouth its very frustrating not to be able to say gods name.
gourjess1 gourjess1
22-25, F
Sep 12, 2012