Osama The Mechanic...

A few oil changes ago, I was sitting in the shop I've been going to lately...and I overheard one of the mechanics there say:
"Hey, where's Osama."
The other replied "Dude, it's Friday, he's at the mosque."
I sat there for a moment...then asked..."Is that his real name?"
Thinking, you know, that it might be a mean nickname or something.

The head mechanic chuckled. "Yeah, 'Sam' was 9 years old when 9-11 happened.  He was watching the news and saying  'Mom! Mom! They're saying my name! Mom, what's happening?!?!' "

"Oh gawd!" I said.  "Poor kiddo!"

I never realized how lucky I am not to share a name with any terrorists...o.O  I hope Sam goes on to have a decent life.

hylierandom hylierandom
Sep 14, 2012