Sorry For My Wild Imagination

Like this group says, i'm very random.

well, now i'd like to share some random thoughts i have. please don't give rude comments if you disagree with me, these are just my wild imaginations.
1. Once i read that our brain cells look like our universe. look :

in this universe, there are many living creatures, i believe that we're not alone here, i meant, there are so many many kinds of creatures in this universe we haven't known yet. i also don't believe that the world will end in less than a month, it's a big bullsh!t. we still have very long life here in this ugly world.
so if the universe has many creatures, i think there are possibilities that somehow maybe there are living creatures inside our brain cells (please don't bug me with science stuffs, it's about my imagination, okay?)..
there are creatures inside universe, in the universe, there are us and some others creatures, inside our brains, there are some more creatures, omg it's so endless there..
you can realize how f-cked up my mind is.

2. Continuing number 1, i begin to think about God. i can't be sure about any kinds of religion or belief. i can't, i just can't. they said if we pray a lot and believe, we can talk to God. God never talks to me..
and like number 1 thing, what if we're just creature inside a creature?

What if God is actually the creature we’ve been living in?

3. Do you like reading novels? Today I have thoughts that..what if the ones who give us inspirations to write stories into novels are actually some paranormal creatures from the past who try to tell us real stories that happened long time ago? Or some unknown stories that happened in the invisible parts of the world? What if those all are real?

4. What if there are really invisible parts in this world? I believe invisible creatures do exist among us, but the invisible parts? Like an island? Maybe we’ll never know..

5. What about hallucinations? I think they are me they are like demons, something’s not wrong with our mind when we get hallucinations, I think there are just some demons who take advantage in our deep sadness and depression..

6. Vampires..and werewolves. They do exist, but they are too different with the ones we know from movies or novels. Vampires and werewolves look like just humans. I don’t know much about werewolves..but they have strong energy and some super abilities (here means they are more powerful than human). But vampires..i don’t think that by drinking blood makes you become it’s not vampire, vampire doesn’t need blood actually, maybe some do, but they actually don’t really need it. I think they aren’t scary, they actually look really charming..umm I meant to humans, they are so charming and attractive..somehow they can attract many many humans, they can affect humans using their powerful minds. You may have heard about some vampire cults, about some people who drink each other’s blood, I think they are somehow demon-possessed..i’m not sure, but it’s..demonic. vampires look so perfect in human’s eyes…but actually they can be dangerous to them, it depends on the vampires though.

Umm werewolves..maybe they were wolves in the past life who was born again as human. I’m not sure about the ability to change shape to be wolves, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible..

7. Ahh and about dreaming..what if when we’re dreaming, we’re actually being inside our own mind which is just like another world to us? Or when we’re experiencing astral projection, what if we just pop into our mind that is set like outside our body?

There are only seven points, I wish I could add more, but I already feel so exhausted, so…enjoy.

Like I’ve said, they are just my wild imaginations.

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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

i almost have the same thoughts about the braincells, it's like an paradox, endless life forms.. maybe we are living in a brain of someone or something.

i to have a crazy brain ;p

and don't forget, if this is all true we are a god to.. because there is life that works for my brain to function. :o

Exactly agree with most of it. Awesome :)

yayy!!!! xD