How Long Time Is Long Enough To Let Somebody Close

Sometimes you think you know somebody after 3 4 5 yrs but you know what? I believe thats not enough time is always secrets lies and people who r 2 faces in front of you people who you been having their back for yrs and you even got burn with other people but at that moment you dont care because you have this person you call "friend". But you know what everything comes clearwhen u r in a hole with out  a hand to pull you out . Is all the oppossite they will kick you more and let you for dead . You dont even exist. But is never late to learn from your mistake. Why  is a mistake well when you see the signals and you dont pay attention to it is a mistake. When you fight somebody else battles and you get all the heat for that person is a mistake. Give 100% to that person and recieve 10% back thats is a mistake.Well I fall again stand up tall clean myself up and keep moving foward and hoping not to make the same mistake again. Thanks to all my friends on EP God bless you all.
Verdejo Verdejo
36-40, M
3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Great story, Verdejo, very insightful too. U r right about giving 100% getting 10 back. I've been there. Not good, so we learn from those mistakes, and become stronger and better people. Thanks for your story. Regards, Maria

thanks for the motivational story , you shared with all the EP users.............its really helpful!!

For me, its hard for me to trust anyone these days!