Bad Idea

ive only ever gotten close with one person and it turned into one big the future im gunna keep my problems to myself ...there my problems not anyone elses and i realize that there is such a thing as being to the time i thought it was part of being close, having no secrets from someone your close with but ive realized theres a difference between being honest / straightforward and being tooooo least at my age
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

thanks for commenting... and i want to say i dont care what people think but on the inside i really do and it can create some anxiety at times but im working on that.....sometimes i just feel like everyone else couldnt possibly understand whats going on in my head so its easier to just say nothing at all rathe then risk them taking it the wrong way or just alienating me...and btw im brand new to this so im still having a little trouble expressing my thoughts because even thoits annoynomous i still worry what im writing will leave myself open to be taken the wrong way but its alot easier then in person lol