Trust And Worthiness

If you approach me I will quickly assess you. I will be rude and I will be blunt. If you still want to be my friend. We will stay that way always.

I may sound a like a b*tch, but I have gone through life holding onto friends. And I one day realized that the only way to be good friends is to be honest and forward. Be upfront and open. Because if they one day find out something they don't like you don't want it to ruin what was made.

I want people to know my worst flaws, and I want them to be able to accept that and move past it. If they can't I don't think they are worth my friendship, trust, or time. So if you don't accept I will simply act as if you were a complete stranger as mean as that sounds.
relleaine relleaine
18-21, F
Aug 5, 2010