Selective, Guarded All In One.

Too many disappoints from people, especially your family can take its toll on you like no other, because after all they are your family. Unfortunately at the moment I have no one I can let in. I've been stabbed in my back by my family on countless occasions, its like they should already know that you want to keep certain personal things between the two of you, I mean thats what makes the bond so strong right? Instead they go off and make it gossip. My whole family judges everyone. They all talk about each other behind their backs. I for one can't even imagine doing something so hurtful, and betraying like that. So I keep to myself. 

It already takes me some time to get used to a person. I'm very observant and I like to listen more than I do talking. I keep my heart guarded and most of my personal life as well. I feel extremely weakened and vulnerable if I open myself up. I'm so prone to being taken advantage or hurt.  I also don't like being an open book. I admire that I can be more complex then your average person.    
Cheygirl1889 Cheygirl1889
18-21, F
Aug 28, 2011