When I Meet You

When i  meet you for the first time ,I will left a good  impression on you ,when we meet for the second time I will be funny and a good talker............................. and this is it, I can't let you in more than that...you will know my name and we will hang out and have a great time ..You may know me for years and I will never tell about my proplems am just afraid that you will let me down,I have hurt  a lot from those who should never  hurts me and it feel sooooo baaaaad ,I just don't want to fell like that again.

maybeoo maybeoo
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 31, 2011

Under lock and kilo, keeping your "self " in the medicine closest locked away from the worlds side effects, isn't as uncommon as the rest of these case studies may think. I scribe, it. So you're maybe not as easy of a pill to swallow , and overdose unlikely if directions are followed.