Very Selective!

My lifelong reasoning for being selective and cautious is, quite frankly, I abhor drama. Look at the fine folks I chose as EP friends- all of them are genuine people who, like everyone, has real-life issues and happy things, sad things; their lives tell a story of life lived not made-up theatrics. If I wanted drama I'd watch soap operas-UGH!
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I am proud to call you friend! :)

wish things were really as simple as you make it seem..

The simplicity of things comes from where you are looking. We are the complicators. We choose to dispute the well defined based mostly on an emotional misunderstanding of what is true.

:) it again seems simple to say this when I detach myself from a situation..but the same clarity about things is difficult to get when we are caught up high in emotions (complicating things as you said) hope I find the balance sooner..

There is a prize for you lady; you hit the bulls eye! Yes, we complicate out of emotional reactions, and yes, it is simple to say when not within the challenging experience. The key is balance; and having it is a result of constant effort to acquire it and choose it when it is needed.

The furthest you can get from all of your experiences is deep within your quiet mind. The more time you spend there, the more resources you have to maintain balance. Get away from the sources of challenge for a while, and find out more about what lies deep within your quiet mind.

very true!

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From experience, I have found that the only way to truly determine the depth and perspective of a new acquaintance; is to discover who that person has the closest and most important relationship with. For me, I can know best how to respond to them with that tiny bit of information.

Well its really true with today's world.More peace without them