And For A Reason Too. :/

Weird how someone on here can seem like such a good friend to you but don't even want to stay in touch with you once you leave this site :/ real friends huh ? Nope. Anyone who wants to stay in touch my email is :/ today my profile will be set to vacation so if Anyone wants to stay in touch you can inbox me but soon I'll delete the account or just leave it here so the stories can stay , not sure but anyway I'm done with this site :/ ughh and like I said ... The friends on here aren't that real.
BloodOnLace BloodOnLace 18-21, F 1 Response Feb 19, 2012

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Are you really leaving?

I was at least I'm not sure anymore though , I was reaaally stressed out and everything so everyone annoyed me and everything annoyed me but I'm feeling a little better now so I don't know if I should give this site another chance or something :/

I think you should give it another chance maybe be more selective with friends! :) but in the event you do want to leave I understand and wish you the best pretty lady.

thanks and it's not the people on here it's just how bad I feel at times and I can't bare talking to anyone so hmmm yea I don't know maybe I'll stay for now and keep writing since it is the only way I can really open up

Yeah I can understand that and writing helps a bunch! Hope you find your path to peace :)

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