She Just Snuck Up On Me

Like a new lust...she s l o w l y started out...smooth and silky, with ever so a subtle hint of sour cherry followed with a sophisticated spicy berry-esque draw...her effusive and fascinating bouquet drifted so quietly, wrapping herself completely around me...overwhelming my very thought with tension and precision of a violin solo.  Mesmerized by her graceful fluidity...a shimmering shadow with a tantalizing strong, long and sleek physique...her pale exposed flesh rivaled her polished dark, dense and spicy presence of a resonating cello...cavalier in heavy and supple plum with sweet blueberry flavors, bitter with tea leaf and a peppercorn tinge...her skin bleeds salt as her sweat glides effortlessly up against the rooms dim light...look at those long strong legs, yet she remains extremely light on her feet.  Her svelte motion fades behind a poised veil of fine clove and mineral...deeply lingering with fleshy her delicate departure...
if only she wasn't so shy and understood her beauty and allure...sweet melody of a voice trapped within the beauty of a Goddess...sing for me mysterious siren

PS 2008 Pinot Noir of Oregon

Heaven has a place on everyone's palate
Ferric67 Ferric67
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3 Responses Apr 24, 2012

What a wonderful read!

Thank you for reading :-) I was inspired to write this piece after one winter night Bikram Yoga class.

Indeed, I do. One of my many exercise alternatives. All in all, I strive to get in No Less Then Ten hours of exercise weekly.


mmm, thanks for sharing... appreciating a fine red right now. waz a great story to accompany the moment ;)