I Need, I Want...i Have To Have!

Is it our fault...?
Since it is apart of our nature...?
How much control is there over this...?
Is this due to a learned response from our environment?

Give only when there is a benefit...?

This is an overall generalization, and once you create a general grouping...there will be a certain amount of
percentage deviation from that norm, meaning, not everyone will fit this criteria.
But overall, very few give without a desire for a return.

as a verb
a necessary element or component

as a verb
be needy or destitute
to desire to come, go, or be

There is a distinction between wanting and needing...most people tend to confuse the two, eventually the want masquerades as a need.
In my humble opinion, we (as humans) "need" a lot less then what we think we "wantishlingly Need".

We need to share self and family Love,
what we want is everyone's love
at our desired discretion...and apparently at our leisure

We need honest, respected and trusting companionship
We want controlled and benefiting friendships/connections/relationships

We need a purpose,
what we seem to want is power with a purpose

We need our health
for ourselves and all loved ones (family)
What We want is unmeasured and unparallelled beauty

Everything else in life is window dressing.
Without your health, does your beauty matter?
Without love in your life, will you ever feel a connection?
If you serve no purpose with responsibility, will any road you travel hold a direction?

Once we start to logically place our needs in front of our wants, then that approach to personal happiness has begun...
Ferric67 Ferric67
36-40, M
May 13, 2012