Don't Get Too Close *******!

I've had bad luck letting anyone close to me. At least in the friendship category. I keep trying to let people close to me, and when I do, I get hurt. They'll only call me when they have nothing better to do or something. Maybe it's because I'm married and all the friends that I do have are single. I'm getting pretty tired of being the "Stand By" friend. I'm done. I'll stick to my family, they actually want my presence. So **** off.
MzJo MzJo
26-30, F
1 Response May 15, 2012

Seeing your post made me think, as I am single and I tend to think that my married friends are so involved with their married lives that they have no time for me. There is also the fact that being with them makes me feel a failure, like they have succeeded in their personal lives where I haven't. I've had a few failed relationships and I have felt deeply upset about this, but my married friends treat my personal life like a joke.
I do think like attracts like. Most of my married friends have made new friends through their kids.