Her gaze was fixed on a sheet she held waist level with her left hand...she never saw me approach from her right.
Two strides away...and I stuttered in my gait. The resemblance was beyond remark.
Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail, exposing her smoothe pale skin lightly decorated with the occasional freckle. Her face, long and ovalish...and very pronounced...absolutely breathtaking in her beauty.
"Hi, I'm Konstantine"
She looks up at me, for a brief moment I lose my Her Green eyes.
She notices my smile, I immediately receive one in return...she may have even shared a low level coo...
"My name is Claire"
I extend my hand, she reaches out to meet it.
I forget sometimes, I lose sight of the fact that I've been built from a blueprint engineered to move the immovable...lift the improbable...I was built for any physical challenge.
Although her grip is strong for a young woman, my massive right hand completely enshrouds hers...eventhough hers is firm. yet still too delicate of a hand to contest mine...I unconsciously bare (as I would always do I suppose) down and I feel the yield of something softer...yet, she reciprocates without thought and attempts to counter...her smile turns to comfort.
She hosts a long slender and athletic physique...strong legs long enough to be on stilts,
Each contour reveals deeper elements of archaic beauty.

We start a conversation that lasts beyond an hour...we sound like old reunited friends, catching up on old times. Even though she's known me less then a morning...she has the utmost trust in my direction.
Almost as if we have met before...

Interesting how and when I will see Claire again...
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You write in such a way as to fully immerse your reader in the flow of the words, the way the wash over me, envelope me, draw me in to your posts.... I love reading them, even if I don't always understand them fully, this one i did !! x

<3 LLF