Fathers Day

My Dad and I have always had an off and on relationship. We have went long periods of time without any comminucation at all. He is not exactly Father of the year..Well for the past four months we have been getting pretty close again. Mainly because I had my daughter in February and wanted her to be surrounded by family..Anyway two weeks in advanced we made plans to have lunch on Father's Day so we could all just spend some time together. I call him the day before Father's Day and could not get in touch with him..I call the next morning..all morning, Left two voicemails and called more than fifteen times. I though maybe something was wrong with his phone so my husband and I get dressed get my daughter in the car and drive twenty minutes to go see him. Well we get there and I knock on the door..and again..and once more..Waited about five minutes and nothing. There was a car in the drive way. Someone had to be home. Before I left my home I called his roommate and she said that he went out..But could not tell me where. By this time I was over it and just wanted to spend time with my daughter and husband. I try so hard to maintain relationships with my family and it is such a big chore. They put forth no effort to see me or my daughter. I am so frustrated by this. This is the reason I pull myself away from them.
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Jun 18, 2012