Choosy Chick

I am very choosy. I think that if you let your guard down and not careful you will get hurt. Only a select few are blessed if they get close to me.
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I don't know that I have trust issues so much as everyone else has truth issues.

hmmm something to ponder

I've been burnt so many times in my 53 years that I trust very few people and the few I do trust never get full trust. I'm always anticipating their next pointless lie.<br />
I can think of nobody in my life who hasn't lied repeatedly to me at some point so as a result I have no friends anymore..just people I know and they all lie.

Oh that's horrible:(

sadly the truth usually is horrible..that's why so many people are pathological liars.

True dat.

well thats good enough as long you do it well

Thanks I do:)

It's very good to be choosy but also allow yourself to love

I do and very well