If People Say Things When They Are Mad.........they Must Be Thinking Them Anyway

During the course of our lives we meet people we allow into our lives and we journey with them as friends, husbands, or even just lovers. When one of these people we care about gets really angry at something and says mean or terrible things to us-- but after a cooling off period comes to say "I didn't mean what I said....." I forgive but It is hard to just forget, It is almost like the trust is shattered---I find it hard to just not think about it anymore. I figure if they said it even once.....they must think it at some point.

What do you think??
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1 Response Jun 27, 2012

I have to agree. It's our thoughts that shape our words, and unless he or she is super creative with their insults then chances are it's crossed their minds more than once.